Possible bobcat?

We saw a bobcat today in Mt. Sutro by the Aldea Center,” commented reader RM on MntSutro.com on 10 May 2012. We were fascinated.

[ETA: A naturalist who studied the picture thinks it’s probably a very large feral cat, because a bobcat would have a black tip to its tail and ears, and likely have visible ear-tufts.]

Bobcats aren’t uncommon in wilderness areas around the Bay, and Tom Stienstra, one of our favorite journalists, wrote about them in the SF Chronicle’s blog recently. (Click HERE and HERE for links to his stories and pictures.) Someone told us they’d been sighted in Sharp Park in Pacifica. But this was the first we’d heard of one in San Francisco.

Sutro Forest is amazing. Great horned owls. Coyotes. Forty kinds of birds. We are so fortunate to have this little piece of naturalized forest in the heart of San Francisco, and the wildlife habitat it provides.

[Edited to Add, June 2012: We heard from someone else that they saw a wildcat on Mount Davidson  (which is quite close to Mt Sutro). So perhaps… if you’e wandering these forests, look out for them. They are not tame, and should be given their space like all wildlife, but they are not dangerous to people.]

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1 Response to Possible bobcat?

  1. Kelly says:

    I am so excited that I found this info! My boyfriend and I were walking our dog around tank hill and saw what we thought to be a bobcat! It was over a year ago and we never found any info about bobcats around Mt. Sutro so we thought we were crazy and no one believed us!! I just moved to the neighborhood and found this website. Thank you for posting this!

    [Webmaster: We’ve heard rumors, but there’s been no confirmed sighting. If we do get one, we’ll definitely post it. Meanwhile, we would love to hear from people like you who think they’ve seen a bobcat. They are known to come as far as Pacifica, so it is not impossible that they would visit San Francisco.]

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